Healthy Ulster County Week

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings compares counties within each state, throughout the country, on more than 30 factors that impact public health.  Since 2011, Ulster County has moved from #35 to #16 out of 62 counties, a better than 50% improvement.  This ranking has been achieved through an amazing community partnership and I thank everyone involved for their tremendous contributions and all the work they do throughout the County. Ulster County continues to make incredible progress and that is something we can all be very proud of. 

Healthy Ulster County Week includes events to encourage Ulster County residents to eat better, exercise more, and increase awareness of their health.  There is no doubt that a healthy community is a desirable place to live, work, raise a family, and to grow a business.  During Healthy Ulster County Week special promotions are being offered by local businesses and others that want to help keep and improve the overall health of Ulster County Residents.

For participating businesses, see listing here:

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