Institute for Family Health Starts Walk and Talk With a Doc Program!

Our Live Well Kingston Leadership Team is made up of a dynamic group of movers and shakers in our community, including two resident doctors,Dr. Jenny Chien and Dr. Syed Asif Hassan from the Institute for Family Health. We’ve been chatting about creating a Heal Well Focus Team that would support healthcare providers to connect patients to resources in their community that would help them lead healthier, active lives.  We are launching the Walk and Talk With a Doc program to do just that, connecting local patients to local places where you can walk yourself to health. We are so happy to also partner with the Kingston Land Trust on their regular 3rd Sunday walks on the Kingston Greenline in the Rondout for the first Walk and Talk With a Doc event.

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Come explore our local neighborhoods, chat with a doctor, get your health questions answered in a fun environment, and walk yourself healthy along the way.  Join us on one of the three walks scheduled this fall!


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