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Study found those who picked their meal an hour or more before...Read Full Article

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There is "strong evidence" that alcohol causes seven cancers, and other evidence indicates that it "probably" causes more, according to a new literature review published online July 21 in Addiction.

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 National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 23-29, 2016

Nearly half a million children living in the United States have elevated blood lead levels that may cause...Read Full Article

“For me ILKB has been game changer, after each class I feel stronger, stress free, and energized to tackle the day. If you are looking for a workout that delivers results in a fun atmosphere with great music, people, and instructors, look no further. ILKB has it all.” -Gerry T. Hurley, NY....Read Full Article

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What do you need to know about Zika? Check out these eight fast facts from CDC so you can better protect yourself and your family from Zika. 

1. All pregnant women in the United States should be assessed for possible Zika virus exposure and signs or symptoms of Zika during each prenatal...Read Full Article

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This month, as we enjoy Halloween, let's celebrate our freedom from an unhealthy lifestyle and embrace renewed well-being. We can strive to have more energy, confidence, and overall satisfaction. I will help you make those changes you have been wanting to make for so long, and the benefits will...Read Full Article

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Roughly 1.8 billion adolescents and young adults between the ages of 10 and 24 live in today's world, representing the largest generation of adolescents in human history. These young people face never-before-seen shifts in populations, economies, technology, health, and the environment. The...Read Full Article

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