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Healthy food doesn’t just magically show up at your house. You’ve got to shop for it, and with the overwhelming number of choices available in today’s grocery stores, this can be challenging. Here are seven tips on how to fill your cart with the good stuff.

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Who is your inner voice—the cheerleader or the drill sergeant? Being human can be a funny thing. We are predisposed to negativity (called a negativity bias) and there’s a very good reason why we are this way. But when we let too much negativity seep into our lives, it can result in an unhealthy...Read Full Article

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If you’ve got the summertime blues (or the blues at any time of year, for that matter), don’t fear—these mood-boosting food secrets can help put a little extra pep in your step!

Strategy #1: Have oatmeal for breakfast (or for any meal).

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Whether you’re on vacation, live at the beach or just love to work out in the sand, these beach-based...Read Full Article

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The CDC has released a report confirming that children in Flint, Michigan, were significantly more likely to have higher levels of lead in their blood during the recent crisis when the Flint River was used for drinking water. The...Read Full Article

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The Answer is "YES".  The sedentary lifestyle is easy to fall victim to.

Research has shown that a sedentary lifestyle—sitting for long periods of time on a daily basis—leads to obesity, cancer, and risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Just sitting in front of your TV for more than...Read Full Article

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For some people the summer heat is a welcome respite from the drudgery of winter, while for others it can feel downright oppressive, making outdoor exercise unbearable at best and dangerous at worst. The good news is that you don’t need to let the summer heat keep you from enjoying your favorite...Read Full Article

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You could hear the cheers from the 4-H Livestock Auction clear across the Fairgrounds. 4-H’er Ariana Padua’s donated auction turkey had just been donated back for the third time, with the proceeds of the sale totaling $2,640 to benefit the Erica Bell Memorial Field Hockey Scholarship Fund at...Read Full Article

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A weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help to stave off aging-related mental decline, according to a new study of older adults with early signs of memory problems.

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When it comes to weight management, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and decreasing inflammation, making small, incremental dietary changes is the way to go. Trying to make too...Read Full Article