A Practical Guide to Healing Breast Cancer

A Practical Guide to Healing Breast Cancer: Dietary, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects with Bettina Zumdick, Senior Macrobiotic Counselor and Teacher at the Kushi Institute Bettina will discuss how to support the recovery process from breast cancer using macrobiotics for a life filled with vitality. Come to this informative talk. All welcome!! = Understanding the differences between right and left sided breast cancers = What role food and digestion play in the development of breast cancer? = Which foods are most beneficial for recovery from breast cancer - which ones are best avoided? = Specific home remedies assisting the recovery process = Spiritual and lifestyle suggestions and more. Optional: Mini Consultation group session for Specific Dietary & Lifestyle Guidelines with Bettina, Senior Macrobiotic Counselor following lecture. $25 Bettina uses macrobiotic visual diagnosis along with other factors to make an assessment of a person's health condition and will give a few specific recommendations for each person to improve their health. Each individual receives a 10 -15 minute session with Bettina within the group setting. Private, full counseling sessions are available with Bettina via Skype or in person at another time. Fax: 845-339-2082
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