Resources for Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Options is an independent non-profit organization and the largest provider of free and unique breast cancer services in the Hudson valley. In many places we are the only provider. We are an organization of survivors and their supporters who understand that a woman diagnosed with breast cancer is suddenly faced with some of the most important decisions she will ever make about her own healthcare. In deciding on a plan of action, it is important to understand: That all questions are good ones, Which information is credible and reliable, What statistics really mean, Which lifestyle changes make a difference, How complementary medicine can be integrated in treatment, That you do not have to face all this, including physician visits, by yourself. Whether you need information, advocacy or support to meet the challenge of breast cancer, we are just a phone call, an e-mail or a web site away. We want to be there for you. OUR MISSION Our mission is to educate breast cancer patients about effective treatment options, to advocate for and support informed patient choice and to promote public awareness regarding cancer risk reduction.
Breast Cancer Options
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