Resources for Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Options is an independent non-profit organization and the largest provider of free and unique breast cancer services in the Hudson valley. In many places we are the only provider. Our mission is to educate breast cancer patients about effective treatment options, to advocate for and support informed patient choice and to promote public awareness regarding cancer risk reduction. Whether you need information, advocacy or support to meet the challenge of breast cancer, we are just a phone call, an e-mail or a website away. OUR PROGRAMS: Camp Lightheart A free sleep-away camp for children of breast cancer survivors or children who have lost their mothers to breast cancer - the only service we know of exclusively for children in this situation. Children typically don’t talk about their fear. Parents tell us that often they act out because they are afraid of losing the parent they love and depend on. Camp provides a support group for them. They have fun, hike, swim, do art projects, learn about healthy cooking and participate in sharing circles where many, for the first time, verbalize their fears. Friendships are developed that last throughout the years. Metastatic Breast Cancer Retreat One of few services and the only retreat in New York State for women with stage 4 breast cancer. In addition to sessions of sharing and support to help patients cope with living in uncertainty, we schedule educational interactive talks with Integrative Medicine doctors and practitioners. The retreat includes a facilitated family night so family members and the attendees can share and express their fears and hopes with each other. Peer-Led Support Groups – On Zoom. Include Young Survivor, Metastatic and All-stage breast cancer groups. Peer-led support groups have been found to provide the benefits of shared experience that professionally-led support groups don’t provide. Funded by the NYSDOH BCO News, E-updates. Sent to a list of 2,500 on developments related to breast cancer including chemical exposures, nutrition, the impact of light at night, treatment advances and much more. Sign up at Healthy Lifestyles Calendar: An informational digest focusing on topics and information relevant to health, well-being and disease prevention. Printed annually since 2007, they are distributed throughout Ulster County, the Hudson Valley and New York City at hospitals, doctor’s offices and health food stores and are sent out free by request. To see calendars, go to the following website:
Breast Cancer Options
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