The True Punch Line of a Joke

No matter how bad that joke you cracked up over was, it probably helped you fight off that stomach flu that’s going around. From relieving stress to lowering levels of inflammation, laughter can have a positive effect on your body. So it’s time to bookmark those joke websites and hang out with funny people more often, because happiness is good for everyone around you.

How exactly does laughter benefit me?

Laughing can be great for a little pick me up, but in regards to personal benefits, there’s much more than just that. It turns out that laughter has a similar effect on your body as exercising and eating well, by changing the chemistry in your body. When you’re guffawing at your favorite sitcom show, the deployment of “killer cells” in your body increases. This helps get rid of bacteria or viruses before they get the chance to cause disease or infection.

It turns out that the best time for a joke may be in the most stressful situations. According to Mayo Clinic staff, laughter is a good stress reliever because it can soothe tension by stimulating circulation and aiding muscle relaxation. Laughter first fires up, then cools down your stress response, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. The result of this process is a relaxed feeling that contributes to stress relief.

In the long term, laughter can be a significant role in your life. By adding to your charismatic skills and creating a mindset of personal satisfaction, laughter can induce a positive change for your mental health – especially in regards to your self-esteem.

If laughter is so good for me, how does it affect my surroundings?

            Along with providing many health benefits to the individual, laughter can have a positive effect on a whole group of people. According to Time Magazine, since people are more likely to laugh around others, laughter can become a simple domino effect. In a sense, if you find something funny and you’re around a bunch of people, they’re likely to jump in on the fun and experience the awesome benefits of laughter with you. This can create a relaxed, happy environment that adds even more benefits to everyone in it.

            So next time you come across some free time, take five minutes to check a funny website, or maybe head out to a comedy club close to you. Even if you can’t do either of those, a small forced chuckle can provide some if not all of the same benefits. Get laughing!

            For more information about how laughter can benefit you and your environment, head to the Mayo Clinic website (, or Time magazine (


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By: Kira Milgrim 7/6/17

Filed Under: Health | Healthy Lifestyle